We are all about real people empowering real people. That’s why we help teams and leaders build trust with one another and give them the support they need to thrive.

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Employee & Manager Training

Our training programs give your employees and managers the interpersonal skills they need to be effective and productive by leveraging our proven models, which address trust, resilience, and change.

Core Training

Our one-hour core trainings provide employees with the knowledge they need to improve their interpersonal skills, personal resiliency, and overall mental health and well-being.

Compliance Training

Our compliance training programs are designed to teach your employees and leaders how to address difficult workplace issues, such as harassment, diversity, and substance abuse.

Manager Training

Managers are typically equipped with the industry knowledge and expertise to lead their teams but often need support in developing the interpersonal skills needed to effectively manage people. Our programs help managers develop the foundational skills they need to be more trusted and effective leaders.

Team Development

Our interactive, customized team workshops leverage in-depth knowledge of the workplace and psychometric assessments to help teams build a foundational common language, gain knowledge of their strengths, and develop the mutual trust required to work together successfully.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development programs guide new and experienced leaders through an interactive learning and reflection process so that they can master the skills needed to grow as trusted and effective leaders.

Foundational Leadership

Our Foundational Leadership program introduces your leaders to the core practices and concepts needed for success and gives them the opportunity to discuss and apply lessons learned in a group format.

Leading through Trust

Our Leading through Trust program guides mid-level and experienced leaders through a process of learning and reflecting around the essential leadership truths needed to be a trusted and effective leader. Participants develop their personal leadership “Third Circle” and apply lessons learned in a group format.

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Leadership Assessments & Coaching

An organization is only as strong as its leaders. Our assessment and coaching approach offers leaders insightful personal and professional feedback and gives the organization the valuable information needed to support the ongoing development of leaders.

Psychometric Assessments

Our psychometric assessments provide leaders with insights into their character, personality, and core behaviors. They are an excellent first step in development by helping the leader truly know themselves.

MY360 Assessments

Based on our proprietary Paradigm for Profitability©, the MY360 assessment provides participants with a comprehensive view of how they are experienced by others across the attributes, competencies, and behaviors needed to be a trusted leader.

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Executive Coaching

MYgroup offers highly skilled executive coaches who blend their business expertise and understanding of human behavior to guide executives through a process of self-discovery and hold them accountable to goals and objectives.

Organizational Health & Engagement

The healthiest organizations focus on three main areas: developing a healthy culture, increasing engagement, and creating a sense of shared purpose. Our Pulse platform offers a seamless way for organizations to engage in an ongoing dialogue with their employees and gather real-time data.

Organizational Health Assessment

Our Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) provides a customizable view of underlying culture, engagement, and connection to purpose. This data includes detailed demographic cuts and helps assess the overall health of your organization, confirm success, and target areas for improvement.

Employee Pulse

Our Pulse platform allows you to create topic-specific pulses that support ongoing employee conversation while providing actionable insights and direction for leadership.

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Organizational Effectiveness

MYgroup partners with our clients to identify the key factors supporting current organizational success and develop strategies for ensuring future sustainability and growth.

Strategic Leadership Review & Selection

Whether you’re bringing in new leaders to support company growth or considering how to best position your up-and-comers, we can provide the broad-based objective data and insights needed to ensure confidence in your decisions.


By developing a strategic knowledge of your business and the skills of current leadership, we help you identify and prepare the next generation of leaders so they’re ready to take over when the time is right.

Board Relations

Working as your strategic partner, we’re able to act as a bridge between the C-suite and your Board, ensuring an optimal working relationship for everyone involved.

“A family-owned company, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry strives to put people first. That’s why, when we were looking for an EAP partner with a robust offering and a nationwide presence, we looked to MYgroup.” Director, Benefits and Admin HR

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