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We’ve specialized our services across sectors, so every individual can get the support they need to succeed.

Our Areas of Expertise


We have 35+ years of experience in helping businesses support their workers and increase their well-being and productivity.


  • Experienced Employee Assistance Program (EAP) partner to ensure employees remain healthy and productive.
  • Psychometric assessments and team-building workshops to help groups better understand themselves and one another.
  • Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) for any team and organizational level to identify key performance metrics.
  • Leadership development programs that help businesses attract and retain talent.


From community colleges to universities, we’re dedicated to helping students and administrators overcome the pressures of school life with tools to better manage stress, improve communication, and raise graduation rates.


  • Web-based work-life services site to help teachers manage the demands of both work and home.
  • A Student Assistance Program (SAP) that offers 24-hour aid for college-age students who are experiencing historic levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Online and on-site training programs that help faculty and staff learn the skills they need to communicate, handle conflict, and deal with difficult people.


We partner with hundreds of government agencies, counties, and municipalities to ensure that they receive the support and development they need to support their communities.


  • Management consultation, formal referral, and fitness for duty coordination to help government entities conduct any necessary discipline with the help of professionals.
  • Long-term counseling and annual well-being checks that give first responders the extra support they need to work in traumatic, stressful environments.
  • On-site critical incident response with the experience of responding to officer-involved shootings, correctional facility incidents, and DOT-related accidents.


We help organizations, both locally and internationally, ensure that their individuals and teams receive the professional counseling they need to better support their mission.


  • Free in-person, virtual, and telephonic counseling to support well-being without having to use health insurance.
  • The added benefit of a Member Assistance Program (MAP) for association members.
  • Training programs, such as Care for the Caregiver and Mindfulness in the Workplace, to address self-care and coping techniques.


We understand the stress that comes from working in healthcare. That’s why we’re dedicated to improving employee well-being and organizational health.


  • The Healthcare Assistance Program (HAP) to promote resiliency and self-care.
  • An experienced coaching network to meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals.
  • Succession planning to assess current leaders’ skills and identify the next generation of leadership.

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